COVID-19 and Related Government Restrictions Policy

updated 02/01/2021

“Safer to swim in the sea than stay on a beach” – John Ball Professor of Molecular Virology


Dear Client

Should restrictions be enforced either by the Government in your home country or the country you are planning to visit, we have outlined our refund/rebooking policy below.

Rest assured that any cancellation of existing bookings due to restrictions imposed because of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak  will receive a full refund**. We realise that there will continue to be peaks and troughs of the outbreak and will endeavour to lessen the impact to our clients as much as possible, any deposits taken will be returned in full**. 

We also offer exchange of yacht to a country free of restriction (if appropriate) or re-scheduling of your embarkation to a period when restrictions are not in force (on similarly priced and specification yachts of course).

** less a small admin fee, alterations to bookings will be carried out at absolutely minimum cost.

Should the virus still be prevalent but travel restrictions not imposed we would like you to know that everything possible to minimise exposure to the virus is being undertaken.

In this ever changing scenario we aim to protect our clients health and finances. Border closures and flight cancellations are dynamic and it is highly probable that some charter bookings will be affected. Though we are hopeful that the implementation of the vaccine programme will render such restrictions unnecessary.

The safety and well-being of our guests and crew is paramount at East Med Yachting. Since the first reports of the COVID-19 outbreak in the news, East Med Yachting has followed the developments closely, considered the probable scenarios and taken all the necessary measures in accordance with local and international guidelines.

By the very nature of the seclusion and privacy afforded aboard a yacht, contact with possible carriers of the corona virus is massively reduced and a private yacht charter is an ideal alternative to a hotel based holiday, where proximity to larger numbers of people cannot be so easily avoided. You the guest determine exactly how much or how little you interact with other people and can easily control the amount of exposure with the outside world.

It is reported that some scientists consider that sea water acts as an antiseptic and does not support the virus, giving the charter guests an even greater barrier against possible contact. Added to this, the knowledge that you can enjoy being in the sea environment free of the virus gives inherent health benefits.

That said we have taken precautions to reduce the risks surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak when chartering a yacht.

Upon completing a charter, all yachts chartered from East Med Yachting undergo a thorough cleaning process, in compliance with the national and international medical authorities’ guidelines which include the cleaning of the commonly-touched surfaces in saloons, cabins and lavatories including toilets, dressing tables, office desks, seating etc. with disinfectants. All blankets, linens, bedsheets and other fabric covers are replaced with fresh sets for each charter.

Where it is deemed necessary, after every charter each yacht undergoes an intensive cleaning which, in most cases, also includes disinfectant fogging that has proven effective against existent viruses including the novel coronavirus reported to cause COVID-19.

During the charter, ventilation of each cabin is facilitated by the crew and except in inclement weather or whilst at sea portholes and windows will be left open, of course these can be closed at the client’s discretion. This way the air in the cabin is completely changed on a regular basis. In addition to premium cleaning products in all our yachts, medical disinfectants are also available in the yacht lavatories. All crew on yachts chartered from East Med Yachting are well informed and trained to handle contamination cases and are ready to assist in any case of medical emergency.

The COVID-19 epidemic is a complicated situation that requires concerted efforts on both national and international level to tackle and East Med Yachting is implementing and adapting its precautionary measures accordingly to ensure your safety and well-being.

The areas where East Med Yachting operate are subject to ever changing restrictions. In order to maintain the lowest possible levels of COVID-19 instances in Croatia, Montenegro, Greece and Turkey we ask that each and every guest and crew member travelling to these regions assess not only their own health, but also the chances of being in contact with a possibly infected person. If you suspect you may have been in contact with anyone of risk or are confirmed as have COVID-19 please do not travel.

We will get through this but no one yet knows the length of time it will take. Please feel free to continue to make bookings in the complete confidence that, should travel restrictions still be in place at the time of your travel, any payments you have made for the charter will attributed to an alternative charter date. (Does not apply to any portion of your trip not booked directly with East Med Yachting such as flights, transfers etc.).

For the foreseeable future charter bookings can be made with a deposit of  as little as 10% in some cases to secure the yacht of your choice ***

***may be subject to restrictions

Thank you for your support and understanding.

Kind regards,


If you are travelling please follow the most up to date information on the Coronavirus that is available at:



What the newspapers say


  Daily Sabah


  Total Croatia News

  Balkan Insight

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