What is luxury crewed yacht charter?
The opportunity to sample the delights of yacht ownership without taking on the responsibilities. To be pampered by a dedicated crew with the accent on attention to detail, to revel in the exuberance afforded by a quality yacht, superyacht, gulet or motorsailer in the surroundings of your choice.

What costs are involved?
Charter fee, APA, flights, any land based accommodation and transfers.

What is APA?
This is a sum of money which covers expenses not included in the charter fee.

How much is the APA?
Varies depending upon yacht and contract type but budget between 25 and 30% of the charter fee.

Why do I need hotel accommodation?
It is not always necessary if your flights match with the turn around days of your yacht however, should your flights be one or two days before or after your charter dates then you would need hotel accommodation.

Is the itinerary fixed?
Itineraries can be amended for many reasons, perhaps you want to spend an extra day in that special secluded bay, maybe you want to make an unscheduled stop to visit an ancient monument or you feel the need to fit in a day of shopping. All this can be accommodated and it’s a simple matter of amending the remaining itinerary to suit your disembarkation port and date, your captain will always be happy to advise.

What about the weather?
The weather is fairly typical throughout the summer months, long term forecasts for your choice of area can be easily searched on the internet. Occasionally prolonged stopovers may be enforced due to the sea state in which case your itinerary may be affected.

Do I have to choose my own route?
Not unless you want to, your captain will be more than happy to take you on a mystery voyage with a new surprise every day. You can influence the itinerary/route as little or as much as you like.

Can I choose my own route?
We welcome any and all input from our clients, just so long as the itinerary is achievable and the ports and moorings are safe then we will most likely be able to accommodate. If you want to arrange a fully bespoke itinerary then please bring this up early in the charter process so we can advise upon what is achievable and safe.

What about tipping?
Tips for the captain and crew are not included in the charter fee or the APA, tips are discretionary and are purely down to how well you have enjoyed your time on the yacht.

What to wear?
This is totally to suit you, your party and how sunny it is on any particular day. We do not currently have any yachts which allow nudism so please be respectful. Many clients prefer to “dress for dinner” but this is by no means a set rule.

And shoes?
Shoes are not allowed on the yacht decks or interiors, all shoes used on shore must be deposited in the receptacle provided especially for this purpose. This is to keep the decks clean and comfortable for walking around barefoot. If barefoot is not your preference then just keep a pair of deck shoes dedicated for yacht use to wear around the yacht.

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