Yacht Charter Croatia

Situated at the interception of the Pannonian Plain, Adriatic Sea and the Dinaric Alps, Croatia is a small but diverse country. Croatia covers 56,594 square kilometres and boasts continental and Mediterranean climates nearly all year round, making the perfect luxury yacht charter Croatia.

Why Yacht Charter Croatia

Croatia’s Adriatic Sea coast contains over a thousand islands which pose endless possibilities for exploring on your luxury yacht charter Croatia. The population of Croatia is 4.28 million, and the country attracts millions of visitors each year, mainly for its significant stretch of ancient Roman remains, hot climates and beautiful bays. The country boasts well-preserved areas of natural beauty, unblemished seas and the ultimate dining experience, making Croatia the ultimate place to visit during your luxury yacht charter. The thousands of islands of the enticing Dalmatian Coast offers relaxing cruising and the possibility to jump from island-to-island, in the calm clear waters of the Adriatic, meaning that you leave no stone unturned. Croatia is also home to remote pebble and sandy beaches, energetic party resorts, and sites of natural beauty, which makes a yacht charter Croatia more than ideal.

Take In The Breathtaking Scenery – Yacht Charter Croatia

If you are considering a luxury yacht charter, look no further than Croatia. The favourable wind speeds and beautifully preserved areas of natural beauty unique of the Croatian Adriatic. Yachting along the Croatian coastline offers a memorable experience, every time. The scenic panoramic views can be enjoyed whilst basking in the warm weather, from the deck of your yacht. No matter where you travel to, every region is individual in its own way, but they all have to offer an abundance of history, culture and awe-inspiring geographical features.

Something For Everyone – Yacht Charter Croatia

A luxury yacht charter Croatia offers something to suit everyone from experienced sailors to showcase their sailing abilities, to beginners who can use the services of captains, skippers and sailors, to help make their travels even more enjoyable. If you choose a luxury yacht charter in Croatia, you will not be disappointed. The array of marinas and abundance of history, beautiful sandy beaches and pure coastlines. The marinas provide you with amenities, bars and restaurants and shops.

Where To Visit On Your Yacht Charter Croatia

Why not visit Croatia’s largest peninsula, Istria, renowned for its stunning coastline, full of history and places to sample the local food and drink. Istria’s coasts are characterised by fine beaches and small islands that are teeming with culture and entertainment. The town of Porec is renowned for the 6th Century Euphrasius Basilica and Rovinj, known for a variety of museums, arts and entertainment. Or why not try Kvarner which boasts mountains, a narrow coastal strip with four rivieras, and an array of islands in the Bay of Kvarner, full of natural beauty, culture and history. In Kvarner, you can visit the largest Croatian island, known for its medieval heritage or the Islands of Cres and Losinj with picturesque beaches.

A Yacht Charter Croatia Is Not To Be Missed

For an even more adventurous yacht charter, why not visit the North, Central and South regions of Dalmatia, that all offer beautiful stretches of coast. The North Dalmatia is a particular favourite sailing ground, due to its favourable winds and the fact that it posses the most marinas. Central Dalmatia is home to the beautiful city, Split, home to the best preserved Roman architectural structures in the world – the Roman emperor Diocletian, and the remains of the palace. The South Dalmatia is a coastal favourite, which houses Dubrovnik, renowned as a gem of the Adriatic and the Mediterranean, protected by UNESCO. The region is famous for being an attractive, entertaining, jam-packed with culture and stunning landscapes. We strongly recommend a luxury yacht charter Croatia.



















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