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The Dodecanese is a group of Greek Islands, situated in the Southeastern Aegean Sea. The Dodecanese are renowned for their medieval castles, Byzantine churches, sandy beaches and ancient archaeological sites. The largest island on the Dodecanese is Rhodes, that is renowned for its beautiful beach resort, ancient ruins, and remnants of its occupation by the Knights of St. John during the Crusades, the Palace of the Grand Masters. Other popular beach resorts in Dodecanese are Kallithea, Lalissos and Lindos’ acropolis that boasts vast panoramic coastal views.

The Dodecanese islands are among the most popular sailing destinations in Europe that include, Astypalaia, Kalymnos, Kos, Leros, Nisyros, Patmos, Rhodes and Symi that are located off the coast of Turkey, in the sunniest corner of Greece. The islands offer a combination of extraordinary yachting destinations, fulfilled with culture and stories from the past. One thing the islands all have in common is that they boast blue skies, emerald waters, olive groves, fig trees and monumental ancient ruins. The Dodecanese also homes 150 smaller islands, waiting to be explored by you. The islands provides something for everyone from the awe-inspiring rock formations to the traditional Greek towns of Kalymnos or Symi, that boasts ample of castles and Byzantine monasteries, or you can opt for the vibrant nightlife of Kos and Rhodes. Wherever you choose to go in the Dodecanese, you will not be disappointed. As there is something for everyone on the stunning Greek Islands.

The weather conditions in the summer months of the Dodecanese comprises of prevailing wind, known as a the ‘Meltemi’ blowing from the north – northwest in the Cyclades islands, the winds usually reach the force 4 – 6. The winds form in mid-June and strengthens towards the end of July to early September and weakening in October.

If you are considering a luxury yacht charter in the Dodecanese, here are some of the key Dodecanese islands and what they have to offer, on your yacht charter.

Astypalaia – Renowned by the ancients for its rich fisheries, it resembles two islands linked by a natural bridge. The island is limited on tourism, therefore you can relax and take-in the picturesque scenery and bays, offering utmost tranquility. You can be ‘wowed’ by the traditional winding streets, windmills and Venetian fortress, that overlooks Astypalaia. Make use of the beautiful beaches at Platis, Papandria, Chochlakoura and Gialos, or sail the uninhibited islands opposite Maltezana, for a mixture of relaxation and the ultimate yachting experience.

Kalymnos – Visit one of the most affluent islands in Greece, Kalymnos is a diverse island that caters for everyone. Pothia, the capital and the port is a favourite amongst sailors, as it’s home to the castle of Chrissoheria and the Archaeological Museum. You can also get a taste of Dodecanese at Kalymnos with a whole host of delicacies for you to sample, like thyme honey, homemade mizithra cheese, lobster tail and sea ray.

Kos – One of the most popular and largest islands on the Dodecanese, Kos is renowned for its stunning beaches, unblemished waters and it’s unique heritage. A yacht charter in Kos offers the perfect combination of relaxation and lively entertainment for the evening.

Leros – One of the hidden gems in the Dodecanese, if you are looking for a tranquil get away from the crowds of Rhodes and Kos, Leros is the place for you. Here you can bask in the warm, clear waters and take-in the awe-inspiring surroundings of the castles of Brouzi and Panayia, or stop off at the beautiful bays that are perfect for mooring or diving, where you can uncover many hidden treasures of Leros. You will not be disappointed.

Nisyros – Located in the middle of the Dodecanese islands, Nisyros a volcanic island in the Aegean Sea. But do not be alarmed, it is an area of immense natural beauty. It is the perfect accompaniment for your yacht charter, as it boasts architecture, taverns, coffee shops that adds to it’s charm and appeal. On your yacht charter, Nisyros poses as the perfect location to stop off and enjoy the peace and tranquility it has to offer.















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